Video Instructions:  Camera is in case either on back pew or behind sound person’s chair.  Tripod is already set up (or, if someone closed it, probably behind sound board in corner). Extension cord is plugged in behind pew in back. 

The SD Card is already in the camera and should have plenty of space available on it. 

1-battery and card


The tripod mount goes into to the top of the tripod, pretty self explanatory, there is a lever that moves out of the way to let his mount in. Be sure to move it back tight to hold the camera tight. 2-tripod


The cord for the camera is already tied onto the tripod and attached to the extension cord. It gets plugged in behind this little “rubber button”


Flip open the view finder on the left side of the camera. There are a number of little buttons inside that space. Don’t touch any of them. We don’t need them and I can’t tell you what they do because I haven’t used them in so long. Also the manual is not at the church so you won’t be able to figure out how to undo anything you did by touching them, so just don’t. 

Sometimes you get a warning on the view finder that says you might not be able to film with this SD card. I don’t know why we get the warning and we’ve never had a problem with the cards it has warned about so breathe and ignore it. 


This is the view from above the camera.  These are the important buttons – the ones you will need. You can see that the on/off is marked. Push it down to turn on the camera.  Note: Turning on the camera does not start the video, it just provides power. Sometimes the camera will turn itself off if it has not been used for a while after turning on. This should be easily apparent as the viewfinder is dark when the camera is off. Push the button again to turn the camera on again if necessary)

The zoom pushes (or slides) from side to side. Left (I think) is full width view. If you are just going to turn the camera on and leave it alone, keep it at the widest view. If you are actually going to operate the camera during the service (or event) then zoom to follow your action. 

For the Sunday Service I turn the camera on but (don’t start the video) and point it at the band with the band filling the entire frame. As soon as the Daily Word is read the meditation song begins (Occasionally this format changes – there is an Order of Service printed every week. The sound person will have one, you can check that to make sure this is the correct order.)  When this song begins, start the video.  (See next two pictures) 


Camera on button. NOTE: Turning the camera on DOES NOT start the video.


The button shown below starts and stops the video. Push it in to start or stop. 

When it is recording there will be a solid red dot visible on the view finder screen. 

Note the setting that this button is pointed at. It is set on the record setting. If you want to do a test video, try it out then turn this button to play (It is one of the video icons, whichever one it is not pointed to when you start). You can then use the buttons under the view finder to play, stop, rewind, etc. These are not dangerous buttons to touch, it is the ones on the other panel, the indent that the view finder covers when closed that you need to be careful of (as mentioned above). After testing remember to dial this back to the record (from the play) mode. 

I record the meditation song then usually there is a serene slide on the projector screen during the meditation which I zoom in on and then pan back when Margaret begins the message and stay on her.  Or you can set it to full width at the beginning and just leave it there until the message is finished. As soon as she is finished talking I stop the video and take the SC dard downstairs to upload it. You will have to get a key for the office to do this or wait until after the service when the money counters will be going in. See Charlene, Margaret, Kate if you need the office opened.  The SD card is removed by pushing it in, which also pops it out. Remember to put it back in the camera when you are done. 

Computer and upload instructions:

If you do not understand these, ask Charlene for help or just leave the video on the card (in the camera) to be uploaded during the week.  

  • Insert the SD card into he slot on the computer.
  • Find today’s file (make sure by checking the date – they don’t always get erased) and copy it to “video” folder on the hard drive. 
  • Most important: Change the name of the file to date.avi. The date format is mmddyy so it would look like this 012416.  There are very few times when you can change a file extension and still have the file work. In fact, this is the only one I know of but if you do not change the file extension it will not upload. I think the default extension is MOD, change it to avi  so your file name will look like this: 012416.avi
  • Open YouTube page. Click the upload button in top right corner.
  • Navigate to your video folder and pick this file. 
  • On the youtube page you need to choose “Add to play list” and add it to Sunday Service 2016 (that may not be the exact name but it’s something like that) and be sure to click Publish toward the top of the page so that it will be available as soon as it uploads. 

That’s all there is to it, Be sure to return the card to the camera and have a wonderful day!!! 


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