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Prosperity Plus Program – Back by Popular Request at UNITY


Dynamic DVD-based, 10 week program with Mary Morrissey

New Class starts Feb. 11th  *   Tuesdays, 5:45 – 7:15 PM


“This course will open up your mind to new ways of thinking and creating for your health, relationships, finances, spiritual or professional life.”    ~Kate Richter

 “Mary Morrissey is one of the most inspiring speakers and teachers I know.   Mary has experienced big success and big failure, both of which she says have been powerful teachers for her.  If I make a commitment to a prosperity program, I want the best. I consider Mary one of the best.”             ~Rev. Margaret Hiller        

Mary Morrissey has:   Spoken at the United Nations  *  Met with Nelson Mandela and led meetings with the Dalai Lama  *  Authored two best-selling books, “No Less Than Greatness” and “Field of Dreams”  *  30 years’ experience as an inspirational speaker, coach and corporate consultant.  Taking this class with Mary at Unity Village or in a corporate setting would cost BIG bucks. We are getting the next BEST thing:  a power-packed, DVD-based program, sharing it with your UCC family and facilitated by UCC Board Members:   Paula Rogers-Brandt and Kate Richter. 

Paula Rogers-Brandt:  Has served two+ terms as Board President for Unity Myrtle Beach.  Entrepreneur, retailer and business owner for many years, Paula is committed to seeing greater prosperity in her life and for her Unity community.  She has spent the past two years as a serious student of the Prosperity Plus principles with Felicia Searcy, protégée of Mary Morrissey. 


Kate Richter:   Is serving her first term as Board Member and Treasurer for Unity Myrtle Beach.  Kate works as a mortgage loan officer, is taking classes toward becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher, and has taken Mary Manin Morrissey’s Prosperity Plus! program every time it has been offered, ‘to keep the abundant mindset at the forefront of my being’.  She has experienced prosperity in different areas of her life each time! 


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Prosperity Plus Reception  *  A Gift from Unity


Friday, February 7th   *   5:30 – 7:30 PM



Prosperity Plus Program Alumni


Those who have an interest in the class and want to hear more.


Please RSVP by Monday, February 3rd, with Charlene Yates, (843) 238-8516







To Sign Up for the 10 week class

Tuesdays, Feb. 11th – April 15th  *  5:45 – 7:15 PM


Pre-registration is required, along with your commitment to try on expansive ideas and experiment in your life with bigger prosperity, and:


  • Be willing to move from fear, scarcity, and limited thinking
  • Open to greater self-awareness, deeper spiritual practice, more conscious relationships, stronger self-esteem and financial increase
  • Attend class each week to give & receive support and insight with your class community for 10 weeks, each Tues. from Feb. 11th – April 15th.
  • Obtain a workbook and 10 CDS for your class work. 

          Used programs may be available on loan, or as gifts.   Please let Rev. Margaret know if you want a used one or have a used program to donate or lend.  Or, order new program materials (workbook and 10 CDs) for $49 – please see Rev. M. 

  • Experiment with the power of tithing by giving 10% of your income for these 10 weeks to UCC.  This prospers your church and then UCC will tithe 10% of this income to Life Solutions, Mary’s international company devoted to transforming dreams of prosperity into reality for our global family.




(843) 238-8516

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