Consistent Giving Program

Just like your household, our church has regular monthly bills to meet. It costs us approximately $3100 a week, every week, to offer what we do.  Our little church is entirely dependent upon our congregation for everything we offer.  There is no “mother church” that helps with our costs. The Board and Charlene and Margaret work hard at being frugal with your money. 


You know that having an income you can count on makes paying bills a lot easier than never knowing what money will come in or when. That’s also true for the church so the Consistent Giving Program is very important to us.  With Consistent Giving you determine and budget a regular amount that you can give to the church monthly (or in other time periods) and that amount comes out of your bank, automatically, every month. You can cancel it at any time of course, but by having as many people as possible provide a regular amount we can plan better. 


Please don’t be concerned that your amount is not enough. We are asking you to give generously and we know that any amount you promise will be generous. 


Sometimes those who give most to the church and who are at most functions feel like we are always asking for money. Please forgive us for that. Some people do need to be reminded and we’re sorry if you get reminded too often. 


Also note: We are a tithing church. Generally 10% of all the money that comes in goes to other charities and Unity ministries. 


We have set this program up to work through PayPal and your bank or debit card or credit card.  If you would like to pledge a different amount please contact Bunni at and it will be set up for you.


You could also arrange monthly payments to be made directly from your bank. You would have to set that up yourself with whatever bank you use. We have provided this method to make it as easy as possible for you. 


We love you. We bless you. We Appreciate you.
We behold the Christ in you and we love you just the way you are. 


Message about Money (audio)  from Sunday’s service, 2/24/13 from Bunni Vaughan Healy, Board Member.
More about Money 3/3/13  



Choose the monthly amount you would like to contribute and click the Submit (angel wings). You will be taken to PayPal where you will complete the process and make your first monthly donation which will be automatically paid monthly hereafter. You may cancel it by logging into your PayPal account at any time.  


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