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Dear Members of the UMB Family,


Our Town Hall meeting on Sunday was a breath of fresh air, or perhaps a gust of wind that filled the sails of UMB. The feeling that we are all pulling in the same direction is life affirming and energy generating. It was a busy afternoon, we covered the results of the feasibility study survey, each of the volunteer teams that will run the capital campaign (Prayer, Events, Thanks, Youth, Ambassador, Communication), the campaign calendar and we identified a bunch of questions and concerns that we need to address in our communication efforts. Take a look at the teams below and consider joining one for the next three months.
We also got an update from the Growth and Development Team. They are hard at work searching for the correct property for us. We await the movement of the spirit to present the right place at the right time in the right way.  We have instructed our real estate agent to expand our search to include land, so that we are open to buying an existing building or land on which we would build.
Please take a few minutes to read through this newsletter to better understand all the details of how we are moving ahead. And WOW we are sure moving ahead. We have total consensus on our decision to find a new building that is large enough to serve our future growth. And the universe is cooperating with us as we say YES to all the good that is coming our way.
We hired a company to help us work through the details. Denis Greene and Tom Minges of Church Development have worked with Unity of Phoenix, Unity Temple, Unity Palm Harbor, Unity Palo Alto and many others in their capital campaigns successfully.  Kristi Bezik and Linda Thole have volunteered to be the co-chairs that serve the common good of the campaign on a day to day basis. Please express your appreciation to them next time you see them.
Please keep UMB in the light, imagine how awesome our new facility will be when we are in it and humming along like a beehive of spiritual energy.
Blessings Abound!
Rev. Margaret
Summary of the results of our feasibility study survey
– We had over 50 people participate in the survey. This gives us statistical validity.
– We scored very high (86%) on the consumer satisfaction question. Our people feel like we do well meeting their spiritual needs. As a matter of fact, we scored higher than luxury car makers do!
– When we asked how well we did meeting our members’ social needs, we had many people respond that their needs were well met in that regard from many sources. It looks like we meet the needs of those who look to us for the social connections.
– We asked several questions about different facets of our vision. The average response was 89% that gave it a Strongly Agree or Agree. Our hard work at gaining consensus is paying off. Our members feel like we are headed in the correct direction.
– When we asked if people would consider making a gift of 3% of their income each year for the next three years or a one-time gift of 3% of their assets to the building campaign, the overwhelming majority said yes indeed. And this is above and beyond current giving. We had over 15 people indicate that they would consider giving a total of over $70,000 to the campaign.
– At the moment, we have over 30 people who volunteered to work on the campaign, they are leaping into action right now. You may join a team at any time, see the article below for more details.
– Over 28 questions came to the surface during the survey. The communication team has their work cut out for them as they launch their efforts to keep everyone informed.
– In summary: we got a green light and a blessing from our community to forge ahead.                                                                               
  Become a PETYAC Volunteer Today
PETYAC? What is that?   It stands for: Prayer, Event, Thanks, Youth, Ambassador and Communication Teams that will lead the capital campaign.  The working teams of the campaign will meet several times between now and Intention Sunday, May 7.
Prayer: will design a prayer to guide the discernment process in the decision to give. And they will draft a prayer for personal reflection.
Events: will organize a bunch of parties, to which everyone will be invited. We will review our plans, answer questions and break bread together. No one will be asked to make a pledge in an event.
Thanks: will decide how to express gratitude to everyone who gives anything.
Youth: will configure an activity that will help our young people get the idea that all our blessings are meant to pass through us as an extension of the divine.
Ambassadors: will contact everyone in the congregation to answer any questions that they might have before Intention Sunday.
Communication: will develop the brand of the campaign, and oversee how we tell the story. They will develop a brochure, announcements, Facebook, emails, and newsletters.
Contact Linda Thole at 910-575-3240 or Kristi Bezik at 650-669-9330 to volunteer for a team. Each volunteer will receive a manual that will guide their activities on each team. Already we have the following volunteers who have signed up to work on a team for the next three months. They are obviously a gang of awesome fun people, please join us!
Cassandra Butler       Cynthia Swanson    Barbara Morton     Patti Knapp
Carol DeLude             Paula Brandt           Dee Jones             Beth Hitesman
Ken Aadsen               Jackie Boyce          Tom Jones              Jane Sherwin
Maureen Goodman    Ginny Riggs           Sandy Hansen        Paula Cross
Ann Mancuso             Joe Riggs               Preston Neathery   Sonya Harden
Elysa Ferrara              Carlottia Scott        Maria Kovacs         Elijah Harden
Pam Allen                   Terry Navarria        KC Boone               Kori Moore
Catherine VanGorder                                                                Kristi Bezik
Dr. Charles Walsh, MscD.
Campaign Calendar Draft
As we move into a season of generous blessings, we are thinking ahead to plan out the many details of our capital campaign. Here is a first draft of what our campaign activities will look like over the next few months.
– February: organize the volunteer teams, leap into action, communicate the plans to everyone.
– March: Begin conducting social events in which we present the plans, ask for input and answer questions.
– April: Focus on prayer and discernment, conduct an event for our youth to get the idea of prosperity consciousness, mail out the intention card with brochure, contact every person to answer questions, minister speaks on giving.
– May: Intention Sunday, celebrate success, thank donors.
Summary of Leadership Meeting – February 12
As we seek to be of service to our Unity Myrtle Beach family, we want to learn best practices from other successful Unity Churches across the country. We listened to a report on what success looks like for them and discussed how we might implement some of those systems for our Center. Here they are:
a) Regular systematic giving helps members develop the spiritual muscles of deliberately practicing Unity Principles. To be in the flow we have to practice being a conduit for the divine. This means having an annual budget contribution intention.
b) Asking people to automate their giving, regardless of amount helps the organization be in the flow and helps the individual focus their priorities on what is important.
c) Giving Kiosks, an Ipad or an ATM kind of machine in the foyer actually generates 50 gifts per week for one of our sister Unity Spiritual Centers. Many people do not carry cash or checks, but still want to give. If we had an easy to use IPad available people could make a quick gift at any time.
d) Websites promote giving on every page, and giving is easy. Just a single click can facilitate generosity.
e) Investment in fundraising: In the nonprofit world, annual fundraising costs about 25% of what is raised. For sure we do not spend $25,000 per year on fundraising, we may not even spend $2,500 or even $250. But we do need to spend something because it is just like farming. Other successful Unity Spiritual Centers have a year round committee that just focus on fundraising, they set goals, and they have a calendar and a budget. We have to plant seeds before we expect a harvest.

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