Anyone Can Paint (and change the world)

One of the best ways to change the world (and definitely to change your own world) is to deal with the world as if it is already the world you want to live in. That’s easy to do while doing art! 


Friday Night Out!!
(or Friday Afternoon Out!!)

It’s babysitter worthy!!


You’ve probably heard of it, maybe even done it. A bunch of people sit around tables and paint variations of the same picture. This is not a fine art class. This is a gathering of people who want to create a painting, enjoy snacks and beverages (that you bring), chat and have an overall wonderful afternoon or evening out!  You will each complete a version of the same picture. (Or whatever picture you feel like doing) You will have complete step by step instructions and as much help as you need. You’ll also have fun and maybe even make some new friends!  We are a very friendly and welcoming bunch and it’s sure to be a good time.  (“Real” artists are also welcome.)


I guarantee you can do this. If you don’t leave here with a painting that’s a reasonable facsimile of everyone else’s you can come back and try again, free. 


There are some details you’ll need. Below you’ll be able to see what picture we are doing on what Friday and you will be able to pre-register and pay online, if you want to.  There are some Pricing Deals so you’ll  want to be sure to look at those. And there are some Frequently Expected Questions.  Make sure you take a look at those too so you’ll know what to bring and how long classes will be and how to reserve a space if you don’t want to pay online. 

Click here for Summer Schedule, Paintings and Registration

What should you bring?  Bring whatever beverage and snack you would like and a smock, oversized shirt or something you can get paint-y. That’s all. We’ll supply everything else you need! 


Consider a painting class like this for your next party, luncheon, shower or other event. We can do that!!  


Want to paint a particular picture or have a class at a different time? 

That’s a possibility. Talk to me about it.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, call Bunni find me on facebook or at 843.333.9930 or email me at bunni @


 The Vision:  It is my intent for us to

  • expand the time we spend with our kindred spirits and meet some new ones.
  • have a regularly scheduled event that is a fun and positive way to spend time in being peace
  • increase our creative output and sharing in a way that will grow a larger art program, include more types of classes, additional teachers and increased creative community
  • raise funds for our beloved Unity Church 

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